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Jakiša Baranović

    +385(0)91 254 5962

The owner of the agency claims to be a very communicative person and anyone who spends only five minutes with him will definitely confirm that. A sailor by profession, who abandoned his initial career in 2003 to enter the realm of real estate business. He is a meticulous, confident person, dedicated to his job. When at home, this guy inclines to experiment with music and films - he listens to Tuxedomoon and watches "Lost in Translation". When Jakiša sells your house, buy him a short espresso, he loves it.

Joško Gojanović

    +385(0)99 227 4227

He is the agency’s most experienced employee, who's been working in the real estate business since 1991. The educated economist will enjoy both listening to Fado in Portugal and skiing in Austria. He likes classics, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen as well as watching all three parts of „The Godfather“. Joško lives with his wife and children in the center of Šibenik. His house has a balcony with sea view. If you want the property with this kind of view, do not hesitate to contact him.

Milena Pilić

    +385(0)99 564 6541

The newest member of our team, Milena entered the real estate world after 20 years of working in tourism. When she's not looking after her children and pets, she likes to read, travel, and spend time in nature or on her boat. The only member of our team who would gladly and voluntarily climb a hill.

Dina Lakoš

    +385(0)91 222 0976

As a member of the Dalmatian Home team, she has been selling properties since 2007. She likes to travel but prefers when someone else organizes it. In the meantime, she relaxes at concerts. Dina is the only member of our agency who still has the patience to watch „Gone with the wind“ from the start to the end. She is married and has a young daughter. Unlike her humble boss, Dina likes large macchiatos.

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