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Info About Croatia


The mainland covers an area of 56,542 km2 and the surface of the territorial sea is 31,067 km2.


4.29 milion inhabitants.


The capital.

Official language

The Croatian language.


The highest peak in Croatia (1,831 m).

Country code top-level domain



On 25 June 1991 The Croatian Parliament declared the independence of The Republic of Croatia and the secession from Yugoslavia.


The official currency in Croatia is named after a marten.


The oldest Slavic script – Glagolitic alphabet originates from Croatia. From the 9th century, Croatians used their own Glagolitic script.


There are eight national parks, 11 parks of nature and two nature reserves in Croatia


With its 30 inhabitants Hum is the smallest town in the world.


Croatia invented the necktie. Thanks to Croats you look good in your suits.


World's first torpedo was constructed by Ivan Lupis Vukić in the 19th century


Croatian chemist Slavoljub Penkala invented the mechanical pen as well as the fountain pen. He also invented the thermos flask, hot water bottle, rotating toothbrush, medication against rheumatism, wagon brakes and many other things.

Nikola Tesla

World renowned genius was born in Croatia in the village Smiljan.


Croatia is home to the world's biggest truffle ever dug, weighing 1,31 kg.


Croatia was home to the largest Neanderthal community.


The Amphitheatre in Pula is one of only three preserved in the world.

King Tomislav

The first Croatian king, crowned in 925.


On the island of Susak, the women hold the title for having the only national costume that reaches above the knee in Europe

Luka's cave

It is the 8th deepest cave in the world with a total depth of 1,392 m and is situated in the heart of the national park The Northern Velebit.


The Croatian national flower.


The island of Cres is the last habitat of griffon vultures.


Marko Marulić, a Croatian writer, is credited with the first known use of the word psychology.

Faust Vrančić

Inventor of the parachute and the first wind turbine was born in Šibenik.

The Nobel Prize

Two winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry came from Croatia – Lavoslav (Leopold) Ružička (1939) and Vladimir Prelog (1975)