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Info About Dalmatia


11.960 km2 (21% of the Croatian territory).


855.000 (20% of the Croatian population).


1246 islands, Croatia really deserves its name "The Land of 1000 Islands".

National parks

There are eight national parks in Croatia, four of them are situated in Dalmatia: Kornati, Krka, Paklenica and Mljet.


Dalmatia has several important sites on Unesco’s World Heritage List: The cathedral of Saint James in Šibenik, The historical complex of Split with the palace of Diocletian, The historic center of Trogir, The old city of Dubrovnik and Stari Grad Plain on the island of Hvar.


Dalmatia is an excellent choice for everyone who enjoys sunbathing. Dalmatia enjoys 2715 hours of sunshine annually. The island of Hvar is the sunniest island in Croatia with 2762 hours of sunshine annually.

Dalmatian dog

Croatia is the home of world popular dog breed Dalmatians. It got its name after the region of Dalmatia. But you must have already guessed it...


The famous English poet Lord Byron named Dubrovnik "the pearl of the Adriatic". The Old City of Dubrovnik is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. In "The Game of Thrones" Dubrovnik was used to represent King's Landing. Also, the 8th episode of "Star Wars" was filmed in Dubrovnik.


The largest city in Dalmatia. The center of the historical city is the Diocletian's palace built in the 4th century.

Dalmatian on the moon

there are two craters on the moon named after Croats. One is named after Ivan Vučetić. He was born on the island of Hvar. In 1891 he invented dactiloscopy and laid the foundations of forensics. The other one is named after the scientist Andrija Mohorovičić.

Mediterranean monk seal

belongs to the order of Pinnipeds (Pinnipedia), seal family (Phocidae). It is one of the world's endangered mammals that inhabits the Adriatic Sea.

Sea organ

One of the best tourist attractions in Zadar. It is the world's first musical pipe organ played by the sea. According to the words of Alfred Hitchcock, the most beautiful sunset in the world can be seen from this spot on the Zadar quay.

Dražen Petrović

One of the greatest basketball players in the world was born in Šibenik, the oldest Croatian town on the Adriatic coast (whose name was mentioned in the history for the first time in 1066).


The most famous brand of flashlights was invented by Ante Maglica, born on the island of Zlarin.

Zlatni rat (Golden Horn)

The most famous beach in Croatia is in Bol, on the island of Brač. Zlatni Rat Beach changes its shape and colour depending on the wind.


Hydroelectric plant situated near Šibenik was constructed and started functioning in 1895, only two days after the hydroelectric plant on the Niagara Falls became operational. Šibenik became the first city in the world with street lights powered by a polyphase system of alternating current.